Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Why do I not write these tales myself?

Some of you may be wondering why I do not simply write my own books, rather than let Mr Priestley take the credit for these so-called 'Tales of Terror'. You may have a point. I do have rather a lot of time on my hands these days.

I suppose the fact is that I was flattered by the interest in my stories and allowed myself to be persuaded that Mr Priestley ought to ghost write them. Really, Franz - every time? It is a most unpleasant laugh, by the way. And I am trying to concentrate.

Mr Priestley has on occasion visited me here at Pity's End. He is most enthusiastic about the venture. His taste for horror does has its limits, however, for I remember that the last time he was here, he left screaming like a parlour maid. He had seen something moving in the woods, he said. My young nephew Edgar has more backbone.

It was only one of the children after all. . .


  1. I did not 'scream like a parlour maid'! I was surprised at how dark it had become, that was all. And some of your readers may not realise the true nature of those 'children' by the way. Not everyone has read Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror's. Yet.

    And it is UNCLE MONTAGUE'S Tales of Terrors by the way. Despite the fact that I did all the hard work.

  2. All the hard work? All the hard work? Really? You are very welcome to swap places with me if you would prefer. The children might appreciate a new audience for their tales.