Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The tunnel's mouth

Later this year, my - what shall I call him? - 'colleague', Mr Priestley, is publishing another of his Tales of Terror collections. It is called Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth and it tells the rather curious story of young Robert Harper who became briefly famous following the infamous Hillfield Tunnel incident.

Robert was the grandson of one of my pupils when Pity's End was a school and I was its headteacher. My 'life' here at Pity's End is a direct consequence of my shortcomings as a headteacher and a human being, but I see no need to rake over those coals again. My tale is there for all to read in Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. Let that suffice.

Robert swore that whilst on the train he had been told the most extraordinary stories by a young woman sitting opposite him, whilst his fellow passengers slept soundly and refused to be roused. Robert's story and those told to him by the mysterious Woman in White are to be found in this new publication, available, I am told, from October.


  1. When is Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth going to be on www.talesofterror.co.uk?
    The book came out a while, so it should be on the site by now, shouldn't it?

  2. You are absolutely correct, my young friend. Mr Priestley informs me that he is travelling to London to visit the offices of Bloomsbury in order to address this issue in the coming week. We shall see, shall we not. We shall see.