Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ghostly Netherlands

It is many years since I visited the wonderful city of Amsterdam.  Mr Priestley has apparently set his as yet to be published novel, Through Dead Eyes in that location, and I am sure it is merely coincidental that during his last visit to Pity's End I happened to tell him the story of a boy called Alexander who was haunted by a girl called Hanna - a girl who had died long before during the Dutch Golden Age.

Their fates became horribly entwined when Alexander bought a Japanese mask and put it on.

Mr Priestley's publishers are kind enough to send me advance copies of his work and I see that apart from moving the story to a contemporary setting and shortening the boy's name to Alex, Mr Priestley has once again shamelessly appropriated one of my stories.  I have written to his publisher and I await their response.  Franz is very vexed.

The intended publication date is March 2013, but I urge you not to buy it.

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