Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lady Clarendon

I happened to be looking for some papers in my study and came across this. I thought I would share it with you as I happened to mention Hawton Mere yesterday. This is a photograph of the late Lady Clarendon standing beside the moat at Hawton Mere.

There is a curious prescience to this image, given what little we know of the events at the house. As well as being at school with Sir Stephen I was also there with Tristan Jerwood who would later become Sir Stephen's lawyer. Knowing my interest in the supernatural, Tristan did share some of his knowledge of what happened there that Christmas; the winter that Michael Vyner came to stay. In fact, I suppose I am now the only person living who knows the truth.

Until Mr Priestley's novel is published of course. . .


  1. Dear Montague

    I'm very sorry to have to address you so informally, but unless I've missed a clue in my readings of Mr Priestley's books I am rather stuck. I can hardly call you 'Uncle'. You seem remarkably cheery, all things considered. Perhaps it is the unexpected celebrity you have found so late in life. I wonder, as you are now taking such an active part in the modern world, whether we might expect to find you appearing on the Jonathan Ross show, or perhaps even Celebrity Big Brother? If you're not sure what these are I recommend that you explore a thing called Google. Franz will no doubt show you how. Please give my regards to Mr Priestley. I look forward to reading your future postings.
    Best wishes
    Paul May

  2. Dear Mr May

    Thank you for those kind words. My first 'comment'. How exciting. Well done.

    I am forced to forgive the impertinence of being addressed by my Christian name as I have not supplied a surname. I find that this affords me a degree of anonymity. One must keep some privacy after all.

    I am aware of Mr Ross's work and of the hell spawn known as Celebrity Big Brother. But I am already accursed, thank you for asking..